Our vision and mission is to provide high levels of learning for ALL of our students. As a staff we're committed to working collaboratively as we focus on learning and on high levels of achievement. Tipaskan School is a rich learning environment that promotes equality of opportunity for each child.

Engaging students in their learning and preparing them for the 21st century are essential. Problem solving, critical thinking and team work skills using multiple forms of expression (written, oral, digital) prepares students for the future. Wireless access, Smart boards (interactive white boards), digital and document cameras and a mobile Netbook computer lab integrates technology into all Tipaskan classroom learning.

The APPLE school project in partnership with the University of Alberta will continue this year to promote healthy lifestyle choices for all of us in the Tipaskan community. Healthy eating and physical activity promote learning and critical team work skills. Our Active Tiger Club, intramurals, playground leaders and activity days build essential physical education skills and learning. After school programs such as cooking clubs, drop in sports, skating programs and more are supported by our community partners.

We invite you to participate and be part of our school community. Being actively involved in your child's education through SchoolZone, agendas, communication books, newsletters and personal contact is a vital part of your child's school journey. We look forward to seeing you at Tipaskan!


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