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School Philosophy

Tipaskan School is a safe and caring community where students and staff are engaged in their learning and striving towards personal excellence. This is achieved through a focus on LIVE, LEARN, LEAD by:

     - celebrating diversity and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for all stakeholders
     - providing high quality teaching and meaningful learning experiences
     - integrating technology practices across the curriculum
     - developing strong citizenship while working in partnership with community stakeholders
     - incorporating student centered collaborative teams

Tipaskan is both a Leader in Me school and an Apple School.

Apple Schools

Apple stands for Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating in Schools. Apple Schools are about promoting wholistic well-being. The goal is to foster life long healthy habits in students that will help them to become happy, active and healthy adults. Apple Schools have activities that are based on helping students to understand healthy eating habits, maintaining active lifestyles, and taking care of their mental health and well-being. Apple Schools promote a culture of health. Staff plan out activities for the year using an action plan to commit to activities to ensure that students are participating in a variety of activities throughout the year.

Apple logo

Some of the activities we have had in the past include soup and salad days, Tuesday apple days, art club, snack shack, knitting club, basketball teams, soccer teams and gym guests (such as Zumba and Ringette).

Apple Schools informational video

Leader in Me

The Leader in Me is based off of the hit seller "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. This book was adapted by a saavy administrator to meet children's needs. The premise is that all students can be leaders and all students have leadership qualities. The Leader in Me is built into daily life, and the language is used consistently across the board by all staff and students in the building; Announcements, bulletin boards, lesson plans, you name it! 

The seven habits are as follows:

7 habits tree

H‌abit 1- Be proactive- You're in charge

Habit 2- Begin with the end in mind- Have a plan/set goals

Habit 3- Put first things first- Prioritize, important things first

Habit 4- Think win/win- Both people can get what they want in a disagreement

Habit 5- Seek first to understand then to be understood- Listen before speaking

Habit 6- Synergize- Together is better

Habit 7- Sharpen the saw- Take care of you!


For more information you can visit www.theleaderinme.org

A brief description of the Leader in Me