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Lunch & Nutrition

Tipaskan School is an Apple School (which stands for A Project Promoting healthy Living for Everyone in schools). We promote a school-wide focus on healthy initiatives.

Nutrition Policy

As a health promoting school, Tipaskan aims to “make the healthy choice the easy choice.” It is important to provide healthy living choices for the students, families and staff of our school. We know that healthy students learn better and by following our nutrition policy we will strive to provide nutritious foods to the students and staff of our school community. 85% of parents with children in grade 5 indicated that the school should ban or limit the availability of junk food in the school, and 90% of surveyed parents from all grades support serving healthy snacks for birthdays and celebrations. Tipaskan parents want to see their children eat healthy and the nutrition policy will help make that possible. We want to have a positive effect on the future of our students and will now only serve food from Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth’s “Choose Most Often” category or from Tipaskan’s ‘Top Notch’ snacks list. From more information on our nutrition policy, or the Edmonton Public School Policy on Nutrition, please contact the school at 780-462-5031. Please contact Cheryl Belyea, Principal or Bethanie Harmer for more information on how you can help promote health at home or at the school.

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Lunchroom Expectations

  • Bring lunches that are ready to eat. Microwaves and utensils are not provided.
  • Respect staff and students.
  • Stay seated while eating their lunch.
  • Use inside (quiet) voices.
  • No throwing any objects (including food items).
  • Try to visit the washroom before having lunch.
  • Students must remain on school property during lunch recess.
  • Students will be expected to go outside to play following lunch. The only time students will be permitted to remain inside and be involved in alternative activities is when temperatures drop to below -23 degrees Celsius. Please dress accordingly.
  • No use of cellphones/ipods in the lunchroom