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This program is designed to address the needs of students who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A range of abilities and challenges fall under this program but most apparent are the difficulties these students may have with behaviour and/or communications skills. This program provides a level of expertise that allows us to support all students who are experiencing behavioural and communication difficulties. 

Our Interactions classrooms typically provide a higher ratio of adults to students (approximately 1 adult to 3 students). Therefor, students are able to benefit from more one on one targeted support. Students in our program will be included in regular classes whenever it makes academic and social sense for them to be there provided it enhances the opportunities for learning for all. Parents are active members of the learning team. An Individual Program Plan is developed with the learning team each year. At this time, we have a division one classroom for students grades 1-3 and a division 2 classroom for students in grades 4-6.

Early Years Program

A play-based program for students 3-5 years old. Students who are admitted to this program need to go through a screening process. All students who are admitted to the program either have been diagnosed with mild, moderate or severe special needs, or are English Language Learners. The goals of this program include learning language in a fun, play-based environment, developing positive attitudes towards school and learning, and learning social skills such as sharing and solving disagreements. 

For more information you can view the Edmonton Public Schools Early Years Website or contact the school.